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@joshuadun: Tyler Joseph gives me anxiety.


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hello world i’m willingly awake before noon and trying to adjust to this strange new lifestyle

i just fucking poured orange juice into my coffee

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As my summer vacation is coming to a close

I can’t be more excited/scared. I’m going to be starting nursing school..which is pretty unreal considering where I was just over 2 years ago. I learned to never give up on myself and that things truly do get better once you stop pitying yourself and start making moves. I am going to be moving (for the second time this summer) into the dorms at my college. Coming from a school with 20k+ students and going to a school with 700+ is terrifying yet completely unreal all at once. I’m am thankful that I have been given this chance and plan on getting shit done.
I’m doing all of this for you lolo I hope you’re proud.

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